Lido's Italian
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Lemon Grove, CA 91945
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An old friend introduced me to this place - first thing I tried was the spaghetti and I was hooked! I also love the salami/Cheezit plate that you get [when a pizza is ordered]. The pizza is also very good. - Rachel Benson, San Diego, Ca.
I love their pasta, their meat sauce, Lasanga, raviolli, and much more and you can't get a better deal than the meal for two lover's it is all of the best Italian food you could imagine in one plate for two Italian lover's, or a family of four! It's huge and an incredible price considering how many hours it would take you to make all of the delicious and amazing dishes you receive in this one meal. - "Pulley", San Diego, Ca.
When we moved to Lemon Grove in 2001, I set out to find both a Mexican and an Italian dining spot nearby. The Italian restaurant was Lido's. It's so good that even when it's full of families with crying or screaming children it still beats anywhere else hands-down. Every item on the menu is tasty and comes with minestrone or a salad on the side. But here's the big deal: their meat sauce is so good we buy it by the quart and keep it in the freezer. My wife uses it for lasagna and anytime we want a quick meal, five minutes of pasta cooking and three minutes of microwave and we have a meal to die for. I am most impressed with their Italian sausage. I also keep a pair of them in the freezer. No knots, no junk, just a mighty tasty sausage to spice up whatever you put it on. This is an old fashioned family restaurant; laid back, so don't be in a hurry. Your food is cooked to order, as it should be, so have a glass of wine, ask for your garlic bread with your appetizer and enjoy. - John, San Diego, Ca.
Went here for the first time last Saturday night around 6:00 pm and the parking lots were full. There was 1 spot open for me..Yahoo..met friends there and we sat in the bar which does have a little more ambiance and less people. Was asked what we wanted to drink and was surprised at the wine prices. Very reasonable! We got a 1/2 liter to share between 4. Then we ordered and I had what a friend always comes to get, Florentine chicken. Typically I don't order chicken out because I can cook it at home but they assured me it was good and the description on the menu sealed the deal. I thought you had a choice of soup or salad, no you get both! The minestrone is very flavorful, like grandma would make. Salad, Then came the meal. I was shocked at how much chicken was served, 4 pieces and two were huge! They also provide a side of pasta ( I picked rigatoni) which was a good portion and that too was delicious. I ate that and a piece of chicken and took the rest home. Delicious for lunch 2 days later..the way they cook it, it is Super finger lickin good!! I'll be back! Oh yes, did I mention that dinner was about $12.00 for all that food? salad, soup, pasta, chicken and garlic bread. - Kat M. , La Mesa, Ca.
What else can I say other then this place rocks! Been going here for close to 25 years... I usually stick with the pizza (the little pepperonis that fill up with grease are delicious), and the ravioli's probably the best I've had. You gotta love the fact too that they give you cheez its, salami, and cheese slices to snack on when you get there, - Anthony M. , El Cajon, Ca.
Our allergist recommended we try this place because I said I could eat pizza every day for the rest of my life. LOL. It was very busy on the Friday night we visited, but we were seated immediately and received decent enough service. - Jonelle O., San Diego, Ca.
I have visited Lido's a couple of times and have never been disappointed. I like the feel of the restaurant it makes you feel like your in a an old Italian kitchen as opposed to some of the other Italian restaurants here in San Diego who seem to focus more on their decor than their food. As for the food I am a pretty big guy and can eat so I got the normal portion instead of the half and almost not able to finish which is great rather than leaving hungry. I will be back especially since I am only a few blocks away! - Marvin H. La Mesa, Ca.
Holy cow this place was great. Everything we ate was delicious. Reminded me of the Italian joints back home (Chicago). It really reminded me of my Italian relatives houses too: noisy, cramped, and full of love. We ordered a large pie, half slab of ribs, a pitcher of beer, and a canoli for a grand total of..........30 bucks! I couldnt beleive it. I cannot wait to come back and try everything else. BTW those ribs came with two salads, garlic bread, minestrone soup, and a big bowl of mostacolli. This place is fantastic. Mangiare! Abbondanza! - Aaron S. , Spring Valley, Ca.
I LOVE LIDOS! All of the food is great there. If you order a full order it is enough for 2 people or plenty of left overs for a person. I'm a pasta person and I have to say all of them are so good! I would recommend Lido's to everyone. - Monic T. , La Mesa, Ca.
Been going here is I was a little kid enough to eat pasta... sauce is so unique. - Tamara F. , Santee, Ca.
Lido's is a good comfort Italian food restaurant located in Lemon Grove, right on Broadway. I had never been here before and my boss and I tried it out last week. She has been here a few times before and she has enjoyed it. It definitely has the old 1950-60s feel, with low lighting, dark red/wood coloring, old stained glass chandeliers and that old school warm vibe. The staff is exceptionally nice and varies in age like you would expect, older ladies that have been there forever with younger teenagers hosting (probably their first job). I had the torpedo sandwich while my boss got the spaghetti with meatballs and a house salad. The prices are great overall and their lunch special prices are even better. The torpedo sandwich has all the typical italian meats with a light italian dressing, peppers, lettuce and the bun was the perfect level of crispy. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a substantial meal without being overly full. The spaghetti and meatballs comes with a fair amount of food for the half order and the salad came with the traditional italian toppings. They do take credit cards, have a small parking lot to the right of the building and they don't take very long for a sit down restaurant to serve you your food. I would definitely return here and recommend it to anyone else who lives/works in the area. - Christiane D. , San Diego, Ca.
I had the most amazing eggplant parmigiana in this place, the serving was extremely huge that I had to take some with me back home (which is only a stone's throw away). It was served (as how entrees usually are) with a side of salad a minestrone which were both amazing ( a meal on its own). I have been a fan of eggplant parmigiana and I did try other places but nothing beats Lido's. It also came with a side of pasta with their amazing butter garlic sauce. :) While I was devouring that my friend ordered their best pizza called THE WORKS I will run out of adjectives to describe this succulent pizza, when you head down to good 'ol Lemon Grove, head to Lido's and say I need a LARGE WORKS and you won't regret it. - Menzi T. , Lemon Grove, Ca.
I love this place for several reasons. The food is great! My favorite is the lasagna (i usually get a side of sausage) and the pizza (mushroom and pepperoni). Be careful the lasagna comes out hot! It has decent portions especially for the price. I always have to take left overs home. It is usually very busy so if you don't have a reservation expect to wait a little bit but I tell you that it's worth it. This place is nostalgic. My family has been coming here since I was a kid (and probably before that). It is family owned, which is becoming more rare and all the more reason to support a place like this. It's great to see a family actually working the business (literally, they are in the kitchen and serving tables) and not just sitting in the back counting cash. Sometimes you may catch them on an off day but it's rare an no one is perfect. All in all it's a great place. - Tyana G. , Colorado Springs, Co.
True Love, This place has the real deal , homecooked Italian fod. My family has been coming here for over 40 years and it hasn't changed a bit...which is a great thing! There's a waitress there that has literally known me since I was born! This is our "go-to" family bday/celebration place and we are never disappointed. We're a group of 20+ and everytime we go we leave beyond happy and beyond stuffed. By far they have my favorite pizza. ever. Thin crust that is still somehow crispy. I love the appetizer cheezt/cheese/salami plates...these plates make me think of my chidlhood and being here. Pasta lover's for 2....enough to feed 4 and every type of pasta is so good. Recently they started doing home made cannolis.....get one. We're going here on Saturday and I CAN NOT WAIT....eaily in my top 5 places to eat anywhere. - Jillian B. , Lakeside, Ca.
If you want authentic Italian food...this is the place for you. Very Mom & Pop and it's been there FOREVER, and for good reason. My personal fave...Eggplant Parmesan, it includes a dinner salad...LOVE the homemade salad dressing...they bottle the stuff and you can buy it! It also includes garlic bread and a side order of pasta. I get the spaghetti. They also bottle their marinara! If you get a full order of pasta and finish it, they bring you a side order of MORE PASTA!!! - Cheryl A. , San Diego.
LIDO'S. So much I could say....and the memories to go along with it.... I started going here in high school. It was the place to be after Friday night football games. In college I would gather with friends and have pizza and beer, and now we take the family here for Friday night dinners. I've heard some people say the pizza is too greasy. However, to me it is one of the best. Lot's of cheese and the sauce is to die for. The best thing about Lido's is if you are seriously hungry you will immediately get cheese, crackers and pepperoni to snack on. If you run out they will generously bring you more. You will notice they have prices from their opening in the 50's comparing it to the prices of today. Imagine if we could see the same comparison with gas prices........... Here's to Lido's! May you be in business for another 50 years. - Tina C. , Fletcher Hills, CA.
I have been coming to this restaurant my whole life and all I have to say is.....Ribs! I love their ribs. I am by no means a rib connoisseur, I generally don't seek out BBQ because it makes me feel greasy afterwards, on the inside. But I can't get enough at Lido's! The other food is decent too and this place has such a homey quality for me. The kind of home with sort of surly waitresses and red vinyl booths! Home sweet home. - Gianna Q. , San Diego, Ca.
LIDOS!! I love this place! It's the type of place you go when you don't feel like going out, but you don't feel like cooking either. It feels like home : ) I love Lido's because I have gone there since I can remember. I love lido's because I run into people I know, my patents run into people they know, my GRAND parents run into people they know, etc.. I love Lido's because they know me and my son by name and seem happy to see us come back again, and again. I love Lido's because when were done, and on our way out, my son runs right over to the lolly pop drawer and waits for his sucker (It makes me smile to know that he know the routine). I think I've had about everything on the menu, but my main dishes are... eggplant Parmesan, veggie lasagna, chicken Florentine (w/ fries), I always get the soup, and salad, I like the torpedo baked cold (which means they melt the cheese, then put the fixings on), someone always orders pizza (in this case, pepperoni or the works sub meatball for sausage)...the pizza comes w/ Hors d'oeuvre, which are cheeze it's, american cheese slices, and cheep salami, but I get it even if we don't order pizza "for the kid", but it's gone so quickly (cuz of the adults)we sometimes order more. I can go on and on.. What's your favorite italian american food? Order it, it will fill you up, and send you home satisfied : ) mmm.. Lido's. - Drea V. , Lemon Grove, Ca.
Something has be said about places that have been around for ages. One of those places is Lido's in Lemon Grove. Been around since the 50's, the restaurant has survived the test of time. Even though the landscape has changed around it. Lido's has stayed pretty much the same. How do I know this even though the restaurant is older than myself? It's all the old timers who frequent the place. Just ask them. This is one the best Italian restaurants in the area. On the weekends and some weekdays, the place is packed. The place is a no nonsense restaurant. Come as you are. Family restaurant. Nothing fancy. Just good pizza, spaghetti and lasagna at reasonable prices. I would rather go to a comfortable place to eat a great meal like Lido's than go to any new overpriced fancy restaurant anytime. Lido's is a winner. - Paul S. , Spring Valley, Ca.
I lived in Lemon Grove for 8 years and never went to Lidos. The other day i was in Lemon Grove for 8 minutes and decided to go eat at Lidos. I had heard a lot about it and this place is definitely delicious. I had the Chicken Alfredo with the soup and salad. The soup tasted home made, it was great. When my pasta arrived I was shocked at the amount I was given, I can usually leave my plate clean but this was a bit to much to handle.. I would definitely come back to this place, and if anyone says they want to go to Bucca, I'll try to get them to come here, its better food same quantity and way better service. - Ernesto M. , Bonita, Ca.
My dad has been coming here since he was a kid... I've been going since I was born... I now live in Orange County and will drive my kids here so that they grow up with REAL Italian food. I can not say enough wonderful things about this place! It is family owned, and although it may look like a little hole in the wall, it truly is a local favorite! I have had birthday parties here, rehearsal dinners, family dinners, and dates here. The food is family style. The pizza is delicious! I have NEVER had anything I didn't like. I could rave about all the food forever, my personal favorites: Chicken Florentine Baked Rigatoni Cheese Pizza Chicken or Eggplant Parmesan Veggie Lasagna ok... realistically, I could keep going. But there is nothing better!!! - Michelle O. , Huntington Beach, CA
My whole family and friends had a wonderful meal just last night here. After our son's graduation my party of 12 plus my son's friends and their families all dined at Lido's. The place was completely packed, but the staff was helpful, nice and fast! The staff went above and beyond to accomodate ALL of us, they were amazing! I would most definitely recommend Lido's. I don't know why I have never stopped here before but I will surely return. The food was delicious and the portions were huge. My husband had the New York steak with spaghetti and I had the meat lasagna both were fabulous. The prices are very reasonable. Needless to say I have eaten out a lot in my life as most people but this place is going to be added to my favorites, can't wait to go back. All of us left happy and the best thing was so did our wallets. - Leann E. , San Diego, Ca.